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VASER Lipo Sculpture

VASER Lipo – Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from your body and also reshaping is done to enhance your body appearance.

VASER Lipo Sculpture

VASER Lipo – Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from your body and also reshaping is done to enhance your body appearance.


VASER lipo (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is the customizable body sculptor that eliminates fat and smoothes the skin’s surface, helping you look and feel your best. This minimally-invasive liposuction procedure uses ultrasound waves to selectively break up small or large areas of fat, emulsifying the fat cells while the surrounding tissues are left intact except the particular parts of your body wherever excess fats accumulated and to get the figure you exactly want from simple improvements to major full transformation of your body image to look the best.

Vaser Lipo and precise and focused ultrasound technology is a much more advanced system than traditional liposuction and since it only targets the fat cells, which are then removed using suction, it causes significantly less damage to other tissue like blood vessels, reducing bruising, pain and recovery time.

The procedure consists of making small keyhole incisions, allowing the surgeon to slip a thin, hollow metallic tube into the layer of subcutaneous fat. The tip of the tube vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies specifically tuned to excite and dislodge the fat cells, which are then removed under suction. Vaser liposuction can reshape and refine the face and body by carefully removing local fat deposits. The result is an improved body contour and body proportions.

Fat may be removed from all the major areas, including the face, arms, back, legs, and stomach. Finer targeting can include under the chin, cheeks, jowls, neck, upper arms, breasts, chest, abdomen, buttocks, hips, inner and router thighs, knees, calves, and ankles.

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  • Single procedure results with speedy recovery times
  • Improved body contouring over traditional liposuction
  • Easily removes large amounts of stored fat
  • Smoothes skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
  • Refines and accentuates appearance of muscles with smooth look

Types of Vaser Lipo:

Vaser Lipo can be further broken down into three main types of procedures, and each one has its own unique benefits, while still offering incredible results.

Vaser Lipo – removes fat from stubborn areas resulting in a smoother and slimmer silhouette. On women, it is ideal for treating love handles, and those annoying rolls around your bra line; and on men, it is very popular for gynecomastia, otherwise known as getting rid of ‘man boobs’.

Vaser Hi-Def – targets both deep and superficial fat surrounding the muscles. This is ideal if you not only want to reduce fat, but are also seeking a more toned and defined physique.

Vaser 4D – similar to Vaser Hi-Def, but works with your own personal muscle structure, offering very natural definition to desired areas, such as the abdominal muscles.
You can also choose to combine Vaser Liposuction with Fat Transfer, removing undesirable fat and transferring it to another area of your body to accentuate curves in all the right places!

Vaser Liposuction can deliver outstanding results. Many of our clients can notice a result straight away and the improvement in the treated areas will become prominent in the months following the procedure. As only a light sedation is normally needed, patients typically return home after the procedure, and can often return to their normal lives after a few days – even playing sports. On average swelling and bruising usually subside after two weeks, however sometimes it can take more time.

During post-operative recovery, the patient wears a compression garment, which more rapidly promotes healing.

To ensure that your Vaser lipo results are the best possible, five post-operative follow-ups are included in the price of each procedure at our clinic. The follow-ups are typically scheduled one day, three days, one week, and
six weeks after the operation, and include changes to the dressing, a manual massage to facilitate lymphatic drainage, checking of the surgical wounds, and ultrasound scans to detect fluid build ups.

Most patients undergo a Vaser procedure with little or no pain with only a local anaesthetic, and when needed, additional sedation can be offered for patients particularly sensitive. Post-operative discomfort is usually limited to swelling and bruising, which most patients find doesn`t interfere with their daily activities.
The patient and surgeon meet to evaluate the suitability of the procedure for the patient, and to discuss in detail what can be achieved and what should be expected. If the patient and surgeon both agree that the procedure can reasonably achieve the patient's expectations, an ultrasound scan is made to accurately measure each individual region fat layer thickness, and to produce an overall estimate of the fat volume to be removed. The consultation lasts about one hour, and is free and without obligation.

Risk –Safety of Vaser Lipo:

As a surgical procedure, Vaser lipo is quite safe. Using only local anaesthetic, the risks associated with general anaesthesia are eliminated. In addition, as just small incisions are made, the risk of infection is minimized, and thanks to our own surgical theatre, our operative infection rates are substantially lower than the national average, and those of major medical centres. Moreover, we provide each patient an initial preventative dose of antibiotics to take just after their operation. Combined with our personalized post-surgical follow-ups we ensure that recovery is carefully monitored, and that risks are minimized.

Results from Our Clinic:

Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive technique and it does not require much downtime at all. Most patients returning to work in 1-3 days and, although strenuous activity should be avoided at first, most return to their normal routine within 3-14 days.

Over the last four years, we have performed over 1100 procedures for both men and women, including both standard and high-definition Vaser liposelection with high end comfortable results. A no-obligation, private consultation with one of our highly experienced Coordinators will help you decide on the most suitable Vaser Liposuction option.

They will take your full medical history and work with you to tailor a bespoke aftercare plan or fast recovery, and help you achieve the results you’ve always desired. If you are interested in knowing more about whether Vaser liposuction is right for you feel free to get in touch using the contact form or call us on our telephone number.

Brazilian Butt Lift




Immediately after the procedure, the buttocks will swell and there will be some bruising, this will then subside within a week or two. There is very little discomfort from fat grafting. You may think the transferred fat has gone as the swelling subsides, but actually, it is only the swelling that goes, along with a little of the fat. It takes at least three months before you can see how much fat actually remains.
The liposuction incisions are very small, just big enough to allow the suction cannula to go under the skin and take out the fat that’s needed for transfer. After the procedure, you need to wear a body garment for 4-6 weeks on the liposuctioned area. You can usually go back to work after 7-10 days.

Consultation :
If you want a round, lifted or apple shaped bottom, make a consultation appointment to discuss the possibilities.

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Butt Lift
BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift is type of Butt Lift being a augmentation procedure resulting in a shapeful, youthful, prominent and more sensual body profile.
Are your butt is…?
Candidates for the procedure include both women and men who have these symptoms:

  • flat buttocks
  • sagging buttocks
  • asymmetrical buttocks
  • small (disproportionate) buttocks
  • massive weight loss which has changed the buttock’s shape


One of the best ways to create a more shapely rear is to transfer your own body fat to your Buttocks.
Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat can look very natural and, because fat is your own body’s substance, there is little chance for rejection. Also grafted fat takes on the characteristics of the location where it is injected. If it is injected near fat, it feels the same as the fat in that area. This procedure also has the benefit of taking fat from where you don’t want it and depositing where you do.

The results of transferring fat to the buttocks, face, lips or any other place in the body, is that some of it will be reabsorbed by the body, your doctor can’t really predict how much will be reabsorbed. However, as a general rule, what you have remaining after three months will be permanent. We monitor our patients and have recorded a 70 to 80% survival rate of fat.

Fat transfer is done by taking fat from areas such as the stomach, flanks, hips, and inner and outer thighs. The fat is removed with a very gentle liposuction that uses a fine cannula to protect live fat cells.

The Stem cell enhanced fat particles are then mixed with your own platelet rich plasma and injected back droplet by droplet into the layers of the buttocks through one very small incision on each side. The tiny pearl size fat droplets are deposited throughout the muscle layers so the fat cells will have a good blood supply and best chance of survival.

This layering method will create a smooth, more rounded buttock with no irregularities or dents and give a very natural look.

Your doctor can harvest fat from the flanks, abdomen, outer legs and the upper and outer buttocks.

Transferring fat cells from those areas will give your buttocks a lifted and more curvaceous shape.

Every patient is different, but the usual amount of fat required for each buttock is an average of about 250 to 350 cc’s of pure fat. For both cheeks it means we need to harvest 700 cc, that equates to about 227-500 grams of fat. So this is not a procedure for very thin people, if you are very thin you may be better with implants. However, if you do have the fat, then a fat transfer can be the best option. This amount of added volume can make a big difference to the shape and look of your buttocks.

The ageing process results in loss of fat in the buttocks, which is a major contributor to the typical features of the older and flatter buttocks. By re storing fat, with fat grafting / lipofilling, we can improve the appearance and provide fuller buttocks – known as ‘The Brazilian Butt Lift’. The type of operation required to achieve the best result for you will depend on your desired outcomes, and will be discussed at the time of your Consultation.

Fat grafting can be enhanced by using your our Platelets and growth factors from your blood in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP). This enhances fat cell healing and survival, when it is performed at the same time as Fat Grafting. Remember surgery will not change you or solve any life crises, but can boost your self-confidence and enjoyment of life.

  • Procedure Time
    2-3 hours
  • Downtime
    3 – 14 days dependant on area & lifestyle
  • Back To Work
    7 – 10 days
  • Duration Of Results
    Permanent (dependent on diet & lifestyle). Aftercare sessions: 5-10
  • Anaesthetic
    Local Anaesthetic
  • Results
    1-2 weeks

 Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, also called autologous fat transfer, is emerging as a new reconstruction technique. In fat grafting, fat tissue is removed from other parts of your body — usually your thighs, belly, and buttocks — by liposuction. The tissue is then processed into liquid and injected into the area to be reconstructed or restructured.

Your face and hands are the first things often people see and present a significant challenge for anyone trying to prevent fat loss which can leave our faces looking sunken and aged, while our hands look brittle with protruding veins, bones and tendons.

Ageing has its effects on everyone’s skin, and naturally due to advancing in years, skin, all over your body, can loss its volume and become loose and relaxed. Medical and scientific advancements have paved the way for natural alternatives to synthetic fillers and implant procedures – known as Organic Facelift

When compared to fillers and implants, the results of Fat Grafting last 10 times longer – up to 10 years, and because the source of the ‘organic filler’ is already in your body, it is perfectly well tolerated in the long term.

Fat Transfer (Fat Injecting or Fat Grafting) and Stem Cell Face Lifting is one of the most cutting edge techniques. Multiple face lifting procedures have been presented for rejuvenation of the face and most of them stress the need for extensive surgery.

Actually,the face ages not only just because of drooping (which would require a face lift) but also because of deflating and lossing the natural volume in the cheeks, jawline and under the eyes.

The facial areas that can be improved with fat injection treatment include creases in the forehead or in between the eyebrows, and hollows under the eyes.

Fat injection can also plump up or improve the contour around the nose, the area between the upper lip and the nose, the jawline, and the temples. Indeed, fat transfer can correct scars, sunken or hollow areas, and any place on the face or neck where fat has been lost.

Some of these facial areas need only one fat injection for noticeable and long-lasting improvement, whereas others will require more than one fat transfer to be adequately corrected.


One of the important things of young and beauty for both men and women is a contoured jaw line. As we loss fat underneath the skin with age, the jaw line and chin area become weaker and less defined. There is evidence that we also loss some volume in the facial bones themselves as we age, only adding to the problem. Those who had strong jaw lines when younger will notice a subtle “waviness” to the chin and less of a demarcation between the neck and back of the jaw. Some patients never had sharp chins or jaw lines even in youth, but both of these conditions can be corrected with the addition of structural fat.

An aging, soft jaw line can be strengthened and sharpened, a receding chin can be enhanced without artificial implant surgery, and a jaw line that was never prominent can be made so. The advantage of using fat to enhance the chin is, of course, that it is totally natural, and also that we can place fat exactly where we want it, and are not limited by the size or shape of implants. And of course the fat grafts are long-lasting. We can “custom fit” your chin. In the same vein, we can shape your jaw line without breaking any bones and doing major reconstructive surgery.


Fat is an excellent choice for repair of soft tissue defects of the extremities (arms and legs) because it can be used to fill in defects of any size and shape, and the healing properties of the inherent stem cells often improve the look of the skin (color and texture) overlying the injury, and can improve the look of associated scars as well. Fat grafting can be used to correct liposuction deformities (dents and irregularities resulting from liposuction), soft tissue defects caused by such things as burn scars,  traumatic injuries, surgery and steroid injections. Fat grafting can also be used to enhance the size of an area, such as a man’s forearm, or to shape a calf.

Notably, we have treated a patient with multiple defects of the arms and legs resulting from Electrical Burn; one patient with a traumatic injury to the leg from having car accident ; many patients with defects related to surgical excisions, such as those for skin cancer; and many patients with deep or unattractive scars. We have reshaped the calf in a woman who had atrophy of this area due to a serious childhood infection, and repaired loss of volume in the biceps also. We have operated on several patients with large defects of the arm caused by injection of steroids or other substances with excellent results.

Recovery from fat grafting to the extremities depends on how many areas are treated, and how large these areas are. Recovery from fat grafting to fill in small defects of the arms, for instance, is very quick. Patients can usually return to work one or two days after surgery. As with fat grafting to any area, corrected defects can look great a week or so after surgery, and the “final” result can be seen when all swelling has resolved in about 3-6 months.


In the Fat Transfer for Breast, Lipofilling is the form of fat grafting used to fix minor differences in the shape, balance, or position of the reconstructed breast compared to the other breast, which is able to rebuild a whole breast using fat.

Fat Grafting is a highly safe procedure which does not involve a major surgery and in many times, the fat injected into the breast area may be reabsorbed by the body over time and the breast may loose some volume. Due to this sometimes surgeons initially may add more fat than we think or may require.

In addition, if fat grafting doesn’t work and you decide you want a flap reconstruction, you may have already used up an important source of tissue such as the belly area. These are all things to keep in mind.

In one type of fat grafting procedure, an external tissue expander called a Brava device is worn for several weeks before and after the fat grafting. The Brava device is like a bra with plastic cones for cups. The cones put suction on the breast area to expand the tissue and create a matrix for the fat to live in. Wearing the Brava device seems to be important for the reconstructed breast to maintain its volume. In one study, women who didn’t wear the Brava device as directed had their breast volume decrease nearly twice as much as women who wore the Brava device.

Depending on the size you would like your reconstructed breast to be, you may have to have multiple fat grafting procedures that are done over a period of months, usually under general anesthesia. You can contact us for expertise advise and for a free consultation.

A fat transfer procedure performed alone (that is, not with another procedure such as extensive body contouring) is usually done with local anesthesia only, not general anesthesia that would put the patient to sleep. Some physicians may also offer an oral sedative for patients who are more apprehensive, but this do not usually needed. The type and amount of anesthesia depend in part on the amount of liposuction and fat transfer you require, which will be determined by your doctor.

The fat transfer procedure begins with liposuction to remove some excess fat from the donor site, which could be the abdomen, buttocks, hips, “saddle bags,” thighs, or even jowls. In order to collect as many undamaged fat cells as possible, only very-low-suction liposuction is used. These fat cells are removed from the donor site with a small-gauge hypodermic needle or a special cannula that is designed to limit damage to the fat cells.

Once an adequate amount of fat has been collected, it is spun at a very high speed in a centrifuge to separate the fat cells from the liquid that is also removed by the liposuction. The damaged fat cells are removed. Only whole, undamaged, and cleansed fat cells are then used for the fat transfer.

The fat transfer procedure is completed by injecting the fat cells into the target site(s) or the part where its been transfered. At this point, your doctor will have already identified the site for each fat injection, with the intent to correct imperfections or create a new contour. Using a separate hypodermic syringe, the doctor will inject the fat cells at the depth needed to achieve the desired fat transfer results.



Male Breast Reduction Surgery


Before and After Treatment

  • Procedure Time
    2-3 hours
  • Downtime
    3 – 14 days dependant on area & lifestyle

Male Breast Surgery – Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in men. The term comes from the Greek words gyne meaning “woman” and mastos meaning “breast.”

  • If you are reluctant to remove your shirt in public, to swim, to participate in sports or to exercise at a gym.
  • If you want to improve your overall body proportions.
  • If you experience psychological discomfort associated with large breasts.
  • If you want to increase your social confidence

Male Breast Surgery or Male Breast Reduction is an effective treatment for Gynaecomastia or for enlarged Male Breasts. Male Breast Surgery is done by removing excess fat and glandular tissues to make a flatter and masculine contour for the chest.

The goal of Gynaecomastia treatment is to reduce breast size in men who are embarrassed by overly large breasts. Reduction methods include liposuction, cutting out excess glandular tissue or using a combination of liposuction and excision.

In our clinics,  with the help of skilled, qualified cosmetic surgeon, you can restore a natural masculine appearance to your chest through the latest a virtually invisible scars.

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Who’s male breast reduction for?

Go Cosmetic Clinic carry out male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia) on healthy men 18 and over. Usually the best candidates for surgery have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the body’s new contours.

You should be aware that male breast reduction is not a way to lose weight. We often discourage surgery for obese men, or for overweight men who have not first attempted to correct the problem with exercise or dieting or weight loss surgery.

What does male breast reduction involve?

Go Cosmetic Clinics aim is to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible. The procedure removes fat and or glandular tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases removes excess skin. The surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and you would normally be required to stay in hospital for one night.

What should I know about male breast reduction?

Before you decide to go ahead, Go Cosmetic Clinic, will offer you a thorough one-to-one medical consultation with a surgeon who specialises in Gynaecomastia correction procedures. During your consultation, your surgeon will ask for your general medical history and will request information relating to any previous surgery.

How is male breast reduction performed?

Two methods are available for this procedure, and sometimes a combination is used.

By making a half moon incision around or below the areola and cutting away the unwanted breast tissue.

With the advancement of surgical techniques and the introduction of specifically designed lipoplasty equipment, the surgeon is able to break up and draw off excess fat through a fine cannula. The breast fat is approached from a tiny incision towards the armpit or under the nipple.

This incision heals well and is difficult to see.

Are there any risks with male breast reduction?

Fortunately, significant complications from Gynaecomastia correction are infrequent. Every year, many men undergo successful breast-reduction surgery, experience no major problems and are delighted with the results. Anyone considering surgery, however, should be aware of both the benefits and the risks. Your surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation.

What happens after male breast reduction surgery?

Bruising is a natural result of the surgery and may persist for a week or so. Hardness or lumpiness within the tissues due to swelling can persist for a month or so. Infection is uncommon but preventative antibiotics will be prescribed at discharge from hospital.

What happens after male breast reduction surgery?

Bruising is a natural result of the surgery and may persist for a week or so. Hardness or lumpiness within the tissues due to swelling can persist for a month or so. Infection is uncommon but preventative antibiotics will be prescribed at discharge from hospital.

When will I see the results?

Following male breast reduction surgery, the breast tissue does not grow back but the swelling can take up to six months to settle completely. Male breast reduction is very successful in that it is a permanent solution, which restores confidence and relieves a major cause of distress and embarrassment.

When can I resume my normal activities?

Many patients return to work between one and two weeks following surgery. Lifting should be avoided for about 14 days. Sport, particularly contact sport, should be avoided for at least one month. This includes swimming. Gentle exercise such as walking is recommended.

Will I receive aftercare following my male breast reduction operation?

At Go Cosmetic Clinics, you can expect the very best in post-surgery care. After your male breast reduction procedure is complete, your surgeon or our nursing staff will organise regular examinations to ensure that the surgery is healing as intended.

How much does male breast reduction cost?

For an estimate on how much a male breast reduction cost, we recommend that you call us for our latest male breast reduction prices.

For specific information based on your individual needs, we will be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.



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